My experience teaching and developing leaders and managers spans a 20-plus year career as a general manager and consultant.  I started my business career in banking, where I grew into senior leadership roles in the turnaround of a division in a large financial institution.  There, in the infancy of the internet, I was product manager for development of one of the first websites in financial services.  (It may even have been the first — nobody was really watching in the mid-90s!)

Today, most of my work is with founders and owners of early stage, closely-held organizations.  I’ve also created and deliver a development program for emerging managers.  Over the years, I’ve provided consulting services to executives in larger and publicly held companies, too.

I’ve developed a toolbox of practical methods for the daily practice of working with people:  hiring, managing individual and team performance, and finding solutions in challenging relationships between employees and management.

I speak and write on best practices for leadership and managing people.  I have an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Chicago.  While working full time in New York, I studied finance and entrepreneurship at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, where I earned an MBA.  Over the past couple of years, development of my services and products owes a lot to the support of the awesome community at Orbital in NYC.